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Senior to Senior: Learn Something New

If you aren’t a reader, you may think reading fiction is a waste of time, but if you give books, and even some television shows, a chance, you might find a few nuggets of wisdom inserted between the lines. I read at least 4 books a week, so I don’t remember which author suggested it, but the idea of learning one new thing each year struck a chord. Other sources suggested daily or weekly sojourns into the unknown; not to become experts but to try as many new experiences as possible. It is never too late to learn something new. Seniors often resist because they think that they are too old, not good enough, or they have the ridiculous idea that they don’t have time. You don’t have to tackle anything earth shaking, but you might want to try something slightly out of your comfort zone. It turns out that your brain likes challenges, and in the long run will thank you for it. Retirement is a great time to try out this new theory. It can be anything. What piques your interest? Do-it-yourself projects, gardening, mastering electronics, playing an instrument or learning a new language. More than a third of the people over 50 have successfully learned a new talent or hobby and they feel better, both mentally and physically, because of it. Stop thinking it is too late or that you are too old to change your ways. No matter what age or what season of your life you are in, there is still much to experience. Stop worrying about what other people think. It doesn’t matter if you just accept that it might take a little longer, or that it might be a little harder than when you were twenty. Don’t worry about looking silly; no one else cares. Besides seniors are allowed to be a little “eccentric.” Go for it! Resolve to do one new thing a day, a week, a year. Take an ax-throwing class, learn how to swim, study history, learn how to knit, or travel somewhere you haven’t been before. The possibilities are endless.