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Senior to Senior: Foot Care

Whether you are eight or eighty you have miles to walk before you sleep. If your feet hurt, it will seem like a very long journey. How many times have your feet hurt so badly that you felt you couldn’t walk another step? Active or aging, your feet have endured more punishment than any other part of your body, and now you are paying the price. Stand up, while you still can, and pay attention to these underappreciated appendages. I know, high arches and shapely toes were considered things of beauty back in the day but look at them now. Mishappen toes, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, cracked heels, corns and callus, ugh. Reg flags, that’s what they are, so stop bellyaching because you need to wear a bigger size, wide toe boxes, toe spreaders, arch supports and inserts. Hips, knees, shoulders, even ankles can be replaced but artificial joints aren’t going to mean a thing if your feet hurt. Mobility, safety, and the quest for comfort are your world now. You did a lot of things in the name of fashion, fitness, sports, and careers that unwittingly kept you on our feet, but some tender loving care might have, still can, make a difference. Take care of your feet, preferably before they become painful, and reap the benefits. You don’t have to put up with smelly feet, calluses, corns, fallen arches, bunions, tennis toes, fungi, and a plethora of other ailments. Get help. See a podiatrist today. Keep your feet clean and dry. Feet sweat, especially when locked inside covered shoes all day. Wear the right footwear. (this is the one area where you shouldn’t make do with knockoffs). Splurge on shoes that fit well, are made of quality material, and get the thumbs up from your podiatrist. Rest your poor feet whenever you can. Over walking and ill-fitting shoes can trigger foot problems that can ultimately affect balance, stride and comfort. Treat yourself to a professional pedicure and a foot massage as often as you can. A foot care specialist really can turn your life around.