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Senior to Senior: Keep in Touch

Many of you have lost touch with old friends, and even family members, over the years. It’s understandable; you have been busy, and time really does fly. Until a few months ago, well quite a few, you were surrounded by people. There were people everywhere. Life was good, until the unthinkable happened. In the midst of a socially isolating pandemic, you have had to adjust to being alone. You’ve been in this pandemic pickle long enough to have experienced a variety of mood swings; frustration, helplessness, and loneliness. If nothing else, it has made people realize how important relationships, past and present, really are. Social connections make you feel good. If you are the least little bit creative you can figure out ways to connect with old friends, new friends, and family members. The principles of staying connected remain the same. Relationships thrive when do things together: • A walk • Helping others • Sharing your joys and your fears with someone who cares. Social distancing has been particularly hard on older people. On the whole people seem to be friendlier to each other, but not seeing smiling faces has taken its toll. Do something about it; sit down and think about past relationships that have slipped away. If you feel lonesome it is very likely that others are feeling that way too. You may even be wondering whether you will ever see them in person again. • Reach out with a postcard or a letter. • Phone Calls. Remember long chatty phone calls? In recent years phone conversations have become quick calls or texts, not the same. • Do a project with a friend. Relationships thrive when you do things with other people, even if you are physically apart. • Skype and Zoom are great but some people aren’t comfortable with face to face; back off a little and find the best common ground. • Join an on-line support group together, attend a virtual church service, take a dance or exercise. Adversity can bring people together rather than draw them apart, but keeping in touch requires a conscious effort. Be the first one to reach out. Make it happen.