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We’ve been camping as RVers for over 30 years. Over that period of time we have encountered some of the best and some the worst that RV living, and camping, has to offer, both part time and full time. We’ve enjoyed travel trailer camping and camping with a 5th wheel, family camping as well as just the two of us and even with all of that time spent on the road, we haven't grown tired of it. There’s so much to learn and to do and there really isn't anything we enjoy more than traveling to a campground that we've never been to before and see what’s there, and at the end of the day, come back to the comfort of own RV – our home away from home. When we look out of our windows, we see totally different surroundings to the home that we love while the inside is completely familiar, warm and welcoming.

Zita Jhonson

well i belive we will do good in our moter home my husband & i lived in a frigthliner 1995 to 20000 in the truck, we drove amany miles ,but it was like being on Vac. and getting paid for it. we had fun liveing in a truk, thats why i say we would do good.

Audrey Hurd`

I am a beginner just retiring at the end of September and have purchased a 35 ft. 5th wheel heading down to Zapada,Tx. AAny advise from you more experienced fulltimers would be greatly appreciated.

Dianne D

Before selling the house, remember that nursing homes are expensive and medicare will take everything - except the minimum requirement approx $120K in a bank and also leave you with your house for the remaining spouse. Wait a minute: the house? what if you sold it to live in an RV? Beware, that house is the one thing that you can sell for living income for remaining spouse.

A Facebook User

I've been working with a very successful RV club called WIN RV Singles It's for mature singles who love RVing and camping. A great way to meet new people and go on adventures. The members have been very happy with this kind of group and I know there are others out there, too.

Sheryl Crow

I am looking for a nice inexpensive trailer for my elderly mother to buy. Please give me any information you have available.

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