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Ruth Cooper

This is an interesting post. It is informative. I've enjoyed reading it. I gathered an additional information about it. Thank you.
KB Custom Homes

Granny Flats

Thank you for writing this article! More people definitely need to consider modular homes, as they can be tremendously beneficial. Thank you for pointing out those benefits!


Great post. I was looking up nationwide modular homes when I came across your post. My boyfriend and I were thinking about getting a modular home soon. There are a lot of mixed feeling about modular homes but I like them. Thanks for sharing, I will have to send this to my boyfriend.

Susan Hirst

My son and his wife are looking to buy a home to start their new family. They're budget is limited and they're hoping to find a house that they can afford. Maybe they should consider a manufactured home?

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Calvin James

I have really enjoyed living in a manufactured home. It is really nice to not have a mortgage! I feel like the benefits of they offer are much greater than their limited drawbacks. I enjoy living a simple life!

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