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Senior to Senior: Holiday Gifts

Black Friday. People were out there shopping, throwing things in their carts willy-nilly. How much thought went into those gifts, especially gifts for the parents and grandparents in their lives? It could be your own fault. If you don’t say anything about what you want, they naturally assume that you “have everything” or that you “don’t need anything.” Older folks grew up at a time when they didn’t spend their money indiscriminately. As a result they either went without or bought the cheapest versions possible, which means that there are many “wants” and “needs.” My presents are already under the tree and the only issue is whether I can wait another three weeks to open them. I made myself a “wish list.” Let people know that you would like to have exercise videos, professional grade art supplies, food deliveries, books, electronics, gym memberships or taxi scripts. There are so many things that you “need” and that you wouldn’t dream of buying for yourself. I’m sure you would enjoy a meal delivery program or someone to clean your house. Maybe you would like to learn how to use an e-reader, program your watch, or set up a voice activated program. A little help would be much appreciated. Don’t forget hobbies, a gift subscription to a yarn shop, art supplies, ergonomic cookware or gardening tools. How about gift baskets. You likely don’t want or need wines, cookies, or candies, but some real foods like tinned meats and soups would be nice. So many things’ seniors need but wouldn’t dream of buying for themselves. Gift certificates for groceries, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, dry cleaning, house cleaning or restaurant meals. Homemade coupons for things like window cleaning, painting, gardening, changing filters…. above all transportation for shopping and doctor visits. How about prepaid winter utility bills. Ask yourself what you really want and let your poor beleaguered friends and relatives know well in advance. Seriously, dear senior, if you don’t make your wishes known you are going to get the same last-minute boxes of chocolate covered cherries, bath powder, and another bathrobe?