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Dennis Goodenough

Welcome aboard. I've been advocating small energy efficient homes since 1982 (

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People are looking for an alternative to the “bigger is better” approach to home design.

Donna A. Menner

The smaller home size for seniors is a smart move. However, I have seen that senior communities are usually pretty far out because they needed a lot of land for the development which is only available far out in the suburbs. Frequently these are nice homes, smaller in size and designed for seniors - however - the drawback is they are in areas with few doctors, restaurants and shopping. The senior may spend much of their time and gas money driving long distances to the myriad of doctors many seniors have and entertainment. My advice is to really look around when thinking of moving to one of these more remote senior communities. You might not mind the drive now, but as you age the long drive will become more tiresome, and at some point when it is time to quit driving, even impossible. It will make it more difficult for family members to visit or help out also, possibly causing isolation.

Frequently when living in a more remote area you will have to pay surcharges for businesses to come to your home to do repairs also. So as they have always said, it is location, location, location, and this is especially important when looking for a home for your golden years.

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