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Donna A Menner

The Bathroom - A First Step In Independent Living

Yes, there are the commonly used higher toilet seats which make getting on and off the commode easier. There are also other types of products for stand assist help from the commode. There is the Curve Grab Bar and the PT Rail. The Curve grab bar pivots every 45 degrees and can lay flat against the wall, the PT Rail can also fold up against the wall when not in use and for cleaning. These are used for support and to assist when getting up from the commode or sitting down. Some seniors might not like the look of the high toilet seats and don't want their bathroom turned into a mini nursing home - it may be embarrassing for them they want their home to look as normal as possible. Search for other products that look less institutional but still get the job done. These other types of products can fold out of the way so that when guests use the bathroom, they won't have to use a high toilet seat that may be attached to the commode.

Donna A Menner

Independent Living - Bathroom Flooring

The most important thing to do in the bathroom of a senior is to take up the bathroom bath mats and throw rugs. There are a lot of hard surfaces in the bathroom that can do real damage if an elderly person falls into them.

My 89 year old mother recently got her feet tangled up in the bathroom throw rug and fell against the bathtub, fracturing 7 ribs, thank God she didn't hit her head. The fractured ribs were extremely painful and she was put in the hospital for a couple of days on morphine. It is best to put down a very flat rug either wall to wall or an area type rug that covers most of the floor and is very flat and held down securely by a double sided tape underneath or some other product that will keep the area rug from slipping - no shaggy or thick rugs. You don't want to leave the tile floor bare because that could become slippery if wet.

Bathroom radiators

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