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Kelly Turner Fitness

I'm a pretty big cheap skate. I had a treadmill for a while and everytime I used it, I thought to myself "I could be doing this outside, for free." I sold it, lol.

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I think that exercise is always important at an age and at 50 it's even more important and my dad runs every day for 30 minutes or so and he is healthy :D

Pilates Class

“Boredom, staleness and lack of drive can be a problem.” – I agree! When boredom strikes, you’ve got to fight it hard. It could be tough at times, making you wish you had a personal trainer, but it is all part of the process. That’s why I live with this mantra: “If you’ve got no discipline, then you’ve got nothing.”

Teuvo Ridanpää

Exercising at home is really had a lot of advantage,in Finland country many of old man and women are still going to some gym and most of them are doing some aerobics for some old women which is really good to health of them.

Graham Forbes

Home exercise is getting better.I have been blogging about the boomer interest in setting up a home gym. Modern all in one machines provide a wide variety of exercise routines.

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